Ubi sunt

Onde estão
Os doces da cantina
As bolas esfarrapadas
Os cadernos rabiscados

Onde estão
A comida das avós
A fumaça dos cigarros
Os azulejos pintados

Onde estão
A voz grave dos tios
As fotos estouradas
O aroma do churrasco

Onde estão
A mesa quebrada
O carpete esfolado
As pelúcias gastas

Onde estão
As coleções de figurinhas
As apostilas xerocadas
As escadas tortas

Onde estão
Meus amigos que abraçava
E amava tanto quanto
Minha infância infindável

Onde estão
O rio profundo
O vento sutil
A terra escura

Que levou minhas lembranças
Que levou minhas vidas
Que vai me levar também

Marina Liz


Sitting in the shade of the oak tree
Sheltered from the falling rain
Peaceful and soothing
I ponder this calm in the story of life

The raindrops golden and slow
Play a lullaby as they strike the ground
Singing of spring and home
Of nostalgia and inner peace

I hang from the branches of the world tree
And marvel at the notes and waves of life
That dance beneath my head
My toes are cold

In my head I hear voices from the past
I see flashes of emotions from the future
The fountain of knowledge in my mind spills
It drowns my thoughts with things of bright and might

A red little bird walks by the roots below
It looks at me with eyes of wisdom
The wilderness looks at me
And I understand the Laws

The rustle of leaves whisper me secrets
Of the juice of earth and clay
Of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Crowns of priests and pig toes

I swing to the pulse of stars
Glinting glittering heavenly jewels
The pen tips that write the world
To the heartbeat of the rain

Marina Liz